1.7.16 at 11am: Essential Saturdays with Marx


The German Ideology

The Marxist Education Project
Essential Saturdays with Marx
Sam Salour and others
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January 7, 14, 21
3 sessions

January 28 to March 25
9 sessions
Grundrisse, Session A

Perhaps the most curious and least understood aspect of Marx’s work is his method of analysis. Marx viewed all his economic laws as tendencies and it is hard to deny that those tendencies are becoming more and more the realities of today’s capitalism. However, to understand our society we need to do more than reading and accepting his concepts, we must critically analyze them and look for the way of thinking that produced them. It is with this goal in my mind that we should embark on a journey through the long and complex sentences of The German Ideology and the Grundrisse. These works are perhaps the best representation of the process of thinking that found its culmination in Capital and we will be engaging with it during our study. Without a doubt, this will be a long and arduous process but we should always keep in mind that “there is no royal road to science and only those who do not dread the fatiguing climb of its steep paths have a chance of gaining its luminous summits.”

Sliding scale: $95 / $110 / $125
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$10 per session

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